Protein Snacks Ideas For Working Out

Protein-bars-SnacksProteins are the building blocks of muscles. Even under the toughest workout no muscle could develop without adequate protein intake. Therefore, the constant supply of protein is so enormously important.

Unfortunately, only professional athletes have the good fortune to be served a meal every two to three hours. A few may still have the opportunity to mix a shake personally without any help from coaches or coaching staffs.

That’s why for an amateur, you need to provide yourself with an easy to prepare protein snacks, or you can buy a protein snacks from any store nearby.

We will tell you what options are available.

Protein / Protein Snacks


The Limburger cheese has it all – not just the smell. With a very low fat content of 0.5% of Limburger cheese provides a whopping 30% protein.

Low-fat quark

Mage quark provides with very good protein casein, which is metabolised by hours. The mage quark pack can also be easily carried and then you can eat instantly. 100g low-fat quark provides 13g of protein with only 0.5% fat.

Due to the low fat content and excellent saturation mage quark is also very well suited to a diet. The taste of low-fat quark is not good if you eat own its own. You can combine it with fruits, cocoa, egg white powder or anything that is tasty.


Nuts contain a lot of protein with about 20% and are easy to carry and store. However, nuts contain quite a lot of calories and about 50% fat, which is why you should limit the consumption of nuts in a diet.

Peanuts: 26% protein / 49% fat
Almonds: 21% protein / 49% fat
Cashew: 18% protein / 44% fat
Walnuts: 15% protein / 65% fat
Hazelnuts: 15% protein / 61% fat

Canned Tuna

The tuna is taken by many athletes as an integral part of their diet, as it is a very good source of protein with about 25%. It also provides the healthy omega-3 fatty acid. You can choose between tuna in water base sauce with about 25% protein and less than one percent fat and tuna in oil with about 22g of protein and about 5% fat.

Unfortunately, tuna can be contaminated with iron. Therefore, the consumption should be limited to once a week.


Egg is the best protein source with a biological value of 100%. Egg protein may be best utilized by the human body. Just imagine, you spend 5 min in the kitchen, cooking a couple of eggs and you have the perfect source of protein. A boiled egg provides about 13% protein at about 11% fat and this is a good reason to pick up the egg as your protein source.

Meat and fish

Meat and fish are as good as egg in terms of providing a protein your body needs. These two dishes can be easily prepared for dinner too.
Beef and pork (lean): ca. 25% protein at about 15% fat.
Salmon: about 22% proteins, 14% fat
Tuna filet with 25% protein 0.5% fat


Milk contain less protein with only 3.5% but still very good to consume.

Protein Bars

Protein bars is the easiest way to consume a protein. Protein bars can provide an average of about 35% protein with very good taste. In terms of fat, some protein bars have less than one percent fat, while others are almost 20%. Rule of thumb: the more delicious the bars, the more fat it is.