Top 10 Best BCAA Supplement For Muscle Growth

What is BCAA

BCAA or branch chained amino acids are one of those things that come along and change the way people look at supplements and training. Amino acids are readily available in a lot of the food you eat every day. However, as with many other good things it can be difficult to reach the volumes, you’d preferably want to reach without using additional supplements.

BCAAs as a workout supplement

A lot of us have turned to supplements to get the most effect of our workout. Muscle growth is something a lot of us want to achieve. It is hard work, in fact. It is damn hard work. It’s something that doesn’t come by itself.

So, we spent a lot of our time sweating in the gym. When you spend a sizable amount of time working with your body, you want to get the best results you possible can. After being there we’re going to feel the soreness we deserve after punishing our muscles. There are a ton of different supplements. There are those we take to get the energy to do it. The ones we take to give our muscles the building blocks to grow. And then there the ones we use to get the most out of the other supplements and to give our body the best possible chance to recover from the punishment we’ve put it through.

The reason you want amino acids in the first place is their effect, or rather effects, on your body during training. Those amino acids are good for fat loss and muscle building is a fact. It is a fact that has been scientifically proven. The science behind it is obviously beyond the scope of this review, so I’m not going to dig deep into that. I will, however, go through the main points of it as it becomes relevant: BCAAs are great for muscle size and strength. It has been scientifically proven that amino acids help you build muscle mass.

There are three major things amino acids help you with.

  1. Protein absorption.
  2. Muscle recovery.
  3. Fat burn.

Each of these three things are really important when you train.

Protein absorber:

First of all, they help to improve the ability of your body to absorb protein, which is what your muscles are made off. Amino acids actually actively promote absorption of protein to ensure you get the most out of whatever protein source you’re using. Muscles are built of proteins, and that’s why you need as much absorbing power as possible. There are many different protein supplements on the market, and you use them because they are the building blocks of your muscles. They are great at improving your muscle mass, but you have to find a way to maximize the absorption of the proteins into your body. That is something BCAAs can do a lot to help you with.

Muscle breakdown:

Muscle breakdown is a natural process when you train. It is part of what your body needs to do to improve. The effect on BCAAs on your body, more specifically your muscles, has been scientifically proven. You will find the correct combination of amino acids will reduce the muscle breakdown during training meaning fewer muscle fibers are destroyed when you train and increase muscle development during recovery. This in turn will lead to a vast increase in muscle mass. It will also make you leaner and help you lose fat, under the right conditions.

Muscle Recovery:

Amino acids speed up your muscles’ recovery after you’ve been training and will also reduce the amount time your muscles are feeling sore after training. Research has shown that BCAAs help protects your muscles against destruction. Whenever you’re training you’re actually destroying muscle fibers. You get stronger during recovery when the muscle heals. When it heals it works hard to protect itself against future incidents. With BCAAs, you get the recovery as normal (better actually), but fewer of your muscle fibers will have been destroyed during training because they were protected by the amino acids. That means the amino acids in a very direct way help you get stronger and more muscular and you’ll be ready to train again sooner. That is why recovery is so important. Lo and behold! That is something amino acids will also help you with.

Fat Burner:

Amino acids also have the benefit of releasing fat from your body meaning that you actually burn fatter by consuming amino acids. This in turn will help you get better results. If you add the extra burning effect, you get from the added muscle mass you’re on to a real winner. Muscles are heavier than fat, but they also burn more calories giving you a leaner body. Now, if ever there was a win-win situation I have a really hard time not putting this scenario down as one.

What is the best bcaa supplement

The purpose of any fitness supplement is obviously to help you achieve better results in your fitness training. Amino acids are great at this because they have some unique qualities, which lend themselves very well to help with issues you face during training. It does, however, matter, which types of amino acid you’re using. Free form amino acids do all the above, but if you really want something that’s great you need BCAAs.

These are the things that have made BCAAs a must have with anybody trying to gain muscle mass and get a leaner body but there are many different BCAA supplement products in the market, so how do you choose?


The effectiveness of amino acids in fitness training is undeniable. There is a lot of hard science backing it up. There are things you go and hear about that just don’t seem to make sense and when you try them; it turns out, they didn’t. Those things are called scams. However, amino acids belong to another category. There are scientific studies backing up their effectiveness. You will see the marketing companies of the big fitness solution manufacturer’s rave about one thing or another. You will see them hype op their own product. It will be hard to tell who is right and who is wrong.

I know I’m practically putting BCAAs on a pedestal, and I won’t blame you if you get the thought that this sounds almost too good to be true. I totally get how you would feel like that, but trust me. It’s not bogus. The effect of BCAAs is scientifically proven to boost your performance in training. It helps you absorb proteins, speeds up recovery and releases fat. That means you get leaner and stronger at the same time.

There is some things that are just simple facts of life. If you want to improve and increase your strength and muscle mass, you need to train hard (the right way) and get your body the right nutrients.

That is pretty much the holy grail of supplements right there. Amino acids are probably one of the most efficient types of supplements you can use to boost your training performance and the effect you get from it. They are, in other words, awesome sauce.