Weight Gain Plan for Building Muscle

Gaining weight for building muscle is extremely sought after especially among men. It may sounds easy, but this kind of fitness training goal is well known with their strict regime of heavy workout and good supplement .

The training plan will be focus more on sets and fewer repetitions of heavy weights. This is to break down the muscles, these muscle than will grow back even stronger and bigger.

If possible , always have a training partner with you to watch your technique. Good technique will help you to isolate the muscles that you want to work effectively. A training partner is also invaluable support when your muscles fatigue when training to failure.

You must train all of the major muscles in your body to get bigger. There is no point in training your upper-body muscles and not your legs, if you want your legs to be strong enough to support you and not be vulnerable to injury. Focus on the bigger muscles – chest, back and tops of the legs – rather than the small muscles – the biceps and triceps – which will not add much to your overall size.

The Biggest First

Always plan your training session so that you exercise your biggest muscles first. Otherwise, the supporting smaller muscles will be too weak to help train your bigger muscles. For example, do dumbbell chest presses before triceps dips so that your triceps muscles are fresh enough to help in the dumbbell chest press.

Once you have followed the plan for about six weeks, make adjusments to focus on the areas of your body in which you want to see more growth. For example, if you want bigger shoulders, do two shoulder sessions in the week instead of one.

More Food, More Muscle

In order to increase muscle  mass, you will simply have to consume more calories. Include a selection of mainly low to medium GI foods in your diet and increase the protein content of your food to 40 per cent. If you find it hard to eat larger portions of food, particularly foods in the protein group, then supplement your meals with protein shakes and bars, and make sure that you eat something every three hours.